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Moving the Polybar Community to Gitter

Right now the Polybar community lives mainly on IRC and Reddit (and GitHub of course). Reddit is great for asking longer forum-style questions and IRC is great for a quick back-and-forth. IRC has a major downside in that messages are only delivered to people that are online at that time and messages are not logged. This makes it tedious to communicate at times and most people don’t have an IRC bouncer running 24/7. A lot of questions on IRC never get answered because people have to log off before anyone comes around to answering some hours later.

Polybar 3.4.0 Release

A more stable compilation experience and a highly customizable xkeyboard module

Polybar 3.3.0 Release

We added pseudo-transparency and fixed a bunch of bugs

Welcome to Our Blog!

We’re happy to present to you our brand new blog.